Inventor: William Dandurand

The new Bike Grip Board Combat and Military Models

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Inventor William Dandurand

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Air Defense Hovercraft

Top View of Bike Grip Board Assault Hovercraft

Bike Grip Board Assault Hovercraft, Camo Blue - Side View

Bike Grip Board Assault Hovercraft, Camo Brown - Side View

Bike Grip Board Assault Hovercraft, Camo Green - Side View

Bike Grip Board Assault Hovercraft, Scout - Side View


The Hydrofoil Bike Grip Board for military use on oceans, lakes, rivers and waterways.

Notice: The weapons and weapons systems of the military models of Bike Grip Board as represented are simply portrayals of actual weapons and weapons systems that are undisclosed. We use the most advanced warfare engineering, technologies and weaponry tradecraft in the design and execution of our weapons systems. These advanced undisclosed weapons systems as well as their appearance, performance and utility remain inaccessible to the public until further notice.

Bike Grip Board TM is the Trademark for all aquatic recreational and watercraft invented, manufactured and marketed by this Bike Grip Board company.

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