New York, NY, USA
June 21, 2018

Publication of Thy Looney Bin Journal

The journal that was kept by Daniel j Harris as he underwent a stay in the Looney Bin is now published. It is available from and other book sellers around the world.

He says, "I will never be normal, but that's fine. For years I have had a dream (and twice I woke up while dreaming it) that I would be in some foreign land and find my book in a 2nd hand bookstore. Growing up I was honestly suicidal because I just could not grasp reading. I am Dyslexic, and possibly somewhat 'Lysdexic' (yes silly joke that can be disempowering). most likely it all comes from chemical imbalances that had me on anti-depressants at the ripe old are of 8. I think there is a really good chance that when you yell that you wish something sooner or later you'll see it come to life (pun slightly intended). Twenty plus years later I went through a dark time, very very dark time to say the least.

THY LOONEY BIN JOURNAL is a true account of that horrible time as the double vision slowly became singular on the path to wellness. Having your first book published is pretty freaky, to begin with, and this book is brutally honest and fiendishly naked. Even going as far as telling the publisher it had to be as close to word for word from what I learned through and documented or not publish it at all. Warts and all as they say. I do humbly hope that it will be helpful to anyone going through or dealing with what I went through.

In a perfect world, no one really wants to or tries to commit suicide, and certainly doesn't succeed if they impulsively try. Really, in a perfect world, they dont' even dwell on the concept. It can be argued that it is the only truly real philosophical question there is, 'To be or not to be'. I am not going into a sort of moral diatribe here, just simply mentioning the conundrum involved, that's all. that was why I found myself where I did as I wrote and shared what I went through. I do hope that anyone dealing with depression, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts or compulsions get something useful from THY LOONEY BIN JOURNAL and others enjoy it.

Some are telling me that it is very funny at times. Growing up with an Irish Grandfather I did get the 'laugh at your pain' perspective. So no matter the who, what, when, where, why of it all, for the moment, I just want to let you know it's available and again, I hope it is helpful to you."

Book Review

Daniel J Harris is not the next Faulkner or Hemingway. He won't be your child's grammar or spelling teacher either. But he is more honest, authentic, colorful, exciting, straightforward, and knows how to turn a clever phrase better than 99 out of every hundred people I have met in life. If some of his misspellings and grammatical snafus were on purpose (and I don’t doubt it), they reveal a talent for double entendre that borders on brilliance! My main complaint about this book is that there wasn't more of it. Good job, Mr. Harris!

Doug “Ten” Rose, author of Fearless Puppy On American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense


Daniel j Harris lived through the events as written through June 16th 2001 and continues to live by those things he has learned from his journey. Now he lives in The Netherlands. He has been hosting an all styles from all over the world, music podcast, The SoupyGato Show, since 2005. He is also a musician with a cd out as NagMet with Nico Jonenelen 'Water is Conscience' with two other projects to be released in the future. His true passion is writing and plans for many more books down the road. He currently resides in Breda, Holland with his beautiful and talented artist girlfriend, Natasja and their mutt Zuzu. You can find out more at or write him directly at .

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