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Bud Duncan, a wealthy American scientist (his father was an American businessman who was one of the richest men in the world before he died and left most of his wealth to his son.) who owns an island in the South Pacific does cloning experiments that are illegal throughout most of the rest of the world. He is a scientist and often struggles with the moral issues related to cloning but believes that there is ultimate good to be brought from continuing his quest to create a perfect clone that can bring man a genetic specimen which will provide a genetic basis to eliminate all disease in mankind.

Archaeologist Daniel Feldman, an Israelite, and a Muslim History Professor Mustafa Khalid met in a hospital room in Jerusalem. They had been in a restaurant when a suicide bomber stood up at a table nearby, shouted ‘Allah is Great’ and blew him-self up killing himself and 30 other people. Daniel and Mustafa were lucky. They shared a hospital room for 3 days and were released with the prognosis that they would recover from their injuries.

While in the hospital recovering they became friends. Both had a fantastic desire to bring their peoples together through a meeting of their hearts and minds using the Temple Dome as the instrument of mutual understanding. Of course both knew the impossible nature of such a desire but they also had miraculously survived the bombing and were inspired to think that the impossible was possible after all.

They begin with an arduous intellectual journey investigating, researching and interviewing to discover secrets of the Temple Dome that had been hidden since the time of Christ. There are caves under the Temple Dome which may have a secret chamber where the cross upon which Jesus died is preserved. After Jesus was crucified Herod took the cross and hid it until he could build this preservation chamber. He then hid it in the chamber and left a few clues to it’s whereabouts in a beaten out scroll of copper that was hidden in a wall in his palace where Daniel and Mustafa found it. The cross had been kept safe all these years but now the both of them knew where they could find the cross.

They developed a plan to breach a wall from the Jewish side of the Temple into one of the caves and then journey


down into the depths of the earth to where the chamber had been built. The plan included breaching their own respective religious commitments to their Faiths.

By bribing a temple guard and some Jewish authorities they manage a distraction with a false terrorist attack and in the confusion blow a hole in the wall. They make their way to the chamber and find the cross. The cross has been preserved so well that the blood of Jesus is remarkably and miraculously in tact on the cross.

They take the cross out of the chamber and bring to the home of Daniel who has a basement where they can build a preservation chamber to keep it in until they decide what to do next.

The Temple guard they bribed gets greedy and plans with others to steal the cross. One of his fellow conspirators is a greedy American, Donald Smith, who wants to make as much money from the cross as possible. He believes that the cross could be sold to Bud Duncan. He contacts Bud and the scientist says that if in fact it is the cross of the crucifixion that he will pay the man 15 million dollars if it is delivered to him intact.

The greedy American and the Temple Guard steal the cross and deliver it to Bud Duncan but in the process Mustafa is killed and Daniel again finds himself in the hospital and this time with more serious injuries than before.

Bud Duncan takes dried blood from the cross and clones Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Jesus, (Bud named him ‘Child’, no middle or last name.) grows up on the island never being taught anything religious or historical that might lead him to suspect who he is. Bud becomes obsessed with Child and isolates him from the world in an experimental fashion so inhuman that Child knows nothing of the outside world as he grows up.

At the age of 12 he begins bringing dead birds back to life and miraculously causes things to happen that brings great pleasure and satisfaction to Bud. Bud manipulates Child to cause him to help in the accumulation of wealth. The island becomes a banking octopus with tentacles that


spread over the world and control the movement of all money, goods and services. Once Bud realizes he truly does have the clone of Christ in his care he sets up a new world government with a World Council headquartered in London England. To provide him-self with insurance so that he can intimidate the rest of the world if necessary he builds a doomsday weapon that is so powerful that it can destroy the entire world when exploded. He names the weapon, ‘Armageddon’.

A rumor has spread due to the drunken bragging of Donald Smith that somewhere in the world there is a clone of Jesus. Daniel has slowly regained his health and has begun to search for the child.

The child soon begins to work for Bud in his laboratories and helps him find cures for cancer and many other deadly diseases that Bud takes credit for and receives awards and honors for from countries all over the world.

Child grows up and becomes a man of extraordinary intellectual abilities but is still isolated from the world in Bud’s experimental laboratories on the island.

Child continues to find cures for diseases including alcoholism, drug addiction, bipolar disorders, depression, and designs pills that a woman can take while ovulating which determines the genetic code (race, eye color, hair color, etc) of the baby she conceives. Even with the cure for diseases the condition of man’s greed and hatred grows stronger and there is more and more evil as knowledge and good medical care increase.

Weapons of destruction are so powerful that millions of people can be and occasionally are evaporated with a single blast. Slavery is rampant and powerful rich men rule the world with councils that mete out justice by quickly destroying anyone who even dare to speak against them. Space travel is a common everyday occurrence and there is a permanent colony on the moon. Over 5,000 people live and work in a biosphere on the moon where materials are made that can’t be made on earth. The materials are used to provide pleasure for the richest and most powerful on earth similar to what alcohol and drugs use to provide to people before all people were cured of addictions. The biosphere


is not self-sustaining but requires the delivery of goods from the earth to remain habitable. It also houses a top secret space project, ‘Eden’, that only 3 of the Council elders and the handful of ‘Eden Staff’ know about.

Child can help people have strong healthy children but the miracle working power Child has cannot be transferred to others. Child tries to find the genetic code for it but fails over and over again. By the process of elimination he realizes there is no gene or genetic code for this power. It is in fact beyond this world. He knows now that there is something very special about him-self that he must find the truth of and it cannot be found in the laboratories on the island.

Child starts making plans to escape the island but in a few days Daniel has found a way to infiltrate the security of the island and finds himself face to face with Child. He tells Child who he is and that he has come to bring him to the rest of the world. He explains that the world needs him to lead them out of the depravity of hate and greed that is destroying the world even at this very moment. Child agrees to follow Daniel and tells him that he is not able to lead the world but will stand with Daniel and help him lead. The two of them escape the island and go to the Headquarters of the World Council which is in London, England.

They appear before the Council made up of 70 representatives of the 70 world districts that make up the political divisions of the earth. Daniel tells them who Child is and the representatives worship him. The world begins to change and love flows from person to person until all the world has changed. Peace and harmony rule throughout the world except in the laboratories of Bud Duncan. Bud continues to control the wealth of the world in spite of all the peace and love that prevails among the people.

Donald Smith and Bud Duncan form an alliance and are making plans to undo the changes Child and Daniel have brought to the world.

Child flies to the moon to look into a rumor that a secret space project is being developed on the moon that is called the ‘Eden’. In the top secret facility he finds the


project. It is a real and when completed 3 spaceships will be built that will send 2 space travelers in each, one man and one woman, millions light years into space to 3 earthlike planets in 3 solar systems like ours for the preservation of mankind in the eventuality of the destruction of earth. Child has discovered that the mathematical process used to plan for 3 teams is correct in that only 1 of the 3 will make it. In an epiphany Child understands that this must be completed quickly and he uses all his miracle working power to bring the project to completion. ‘Eden’ is made ready and 3 male-female teams are selected and prepared for the journey. Only Child holds the key and can activate the sequence that will send them on their journey.

Donald Smith and Bud Duncan still control most of the wealth of the earth and because of this have the ability to use great and horrible weapons to make war. Bud and Donald torture one of the 3 Council elders and learn about ‘Eden’.

They decide the time has come to declare war on Child. They know now that if they lose they can take ‘Eden’ to a new world. They do not know that only one spaceship will make it. Donald and Bud meet with Child and Daniel and give them an ultimatum.

Return the government to them or they will trigger the doomsday weapon that will destroy the earth and all mankind forever. They do not tell Child that they know about ‘Eden’. A great battle begins near where ‘Armageddon’ is secured. Blood flows like rivers and becomes lakes where men and women drown and flounder in great desperation and horror. Daniel becomes convinced that the love of Child is not strong enough to win the war against the great military power of the alliance of Bud and Donald and joins them in a conspiracy to kill Child. Daniel helps them take Child into custody and they make ready for his execution.

A crucifix is built and laid out on the ground. Daniel looks at the cross and at Child and realizes that he cannot participate in Child’s murder. A bloody confrontation begins with some of the Alliances forces siding with Daniel. The Alliances superior weapons and forces prevail and Daniel along with his troops all die. Child is crucified and as he is dying he miraculously turns the key on ‘Eden’ without the knowledge of Donald and Bud.


After Child’s death and while the process of loading the spaceships for ‘Eden’ is continuing Donald and Bud learn that before his death Daniel activated ‘Armageddon’. They believe that if they get to the moon they can take ‘Eden’ to a new world and survive. They make it to the moon only to find ‘Eden’ has flown. Immediately they see a flash of light and the earth disappears in an explosion then the moon goes flying toward the sun and is burnt up by the heat before it reaches the surface.

The 3 teams that are ‘Eden’ are sailing past the outer planets of the solar system headed to their new planets. Each person opens an envelope that contains a letter from Child and they learn their new names will be Adam and Eve respectively.

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