Inventor: William Dandurand

The new Bike Grip Board
gives the rider more control, and more fun; faster dropins, sharper and quicker turns.
A Fun New Way to Ride a Body Board!
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Inventor William Dandurand

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The Bike Grip Bodyboard gives the user faster and tighter turns, steeper and faster drop ins, deeper duck dives more control. the contol of a Moutain Bike on the waves. More fun to ride. Youth oriented with all people loving this new Board. The new Bike Grip Bodyboard advances the way we ride a Bodyboard and has an advanced handlebar system that gives the rider more control and a Better grip. that means sharper and quicker turns, better control and more fun. People who have ridden this new Bike Grip Board say their skill level has improved and it's a much more exciting experience. they love having bike grips to hold onto that gives them the control of a Mountain Bike on the waves .

A Bodyboard for sports and recreational use in an aquatic medium. A buoyant body with handles-bike grips-mountain bike type handlebars, anchored above the deck of the apparatus, for grasping by the user, allowing the less-than-expert and professional to obtain better control and maneuverability to enjoy body boarding, wave riding, floating and surfing-type water sports. Bike Grips give better control, ore fun, faster dropins. deeper duck dives, better spins, better at catching air, cutbacks, 360s and more.

NOTE: Board design, pictures, drawings, a body board with handles attached, copyright beginning in 1980s by William Dandurand, all rights reserved.

This new Surf ski is an advanced model that has a fast surfboard design, lighter with a flatter bottom . This new jet ski will be able to ride the surf, and can be made in many different models, gas or electric powered and different sizes with different size engines. It has a fast surfboard design that is much lighter and has a much flatter bottom. It will do much more than a large outdated jet ski. The new surf jet ski will be able to ride the waves and go thru smaller rivers than a big jet ski. It can be made as a electric or gas powered and in different sizes and models. This new Surf ski is perfect for lifeguard rescue. One lifeguard can easily move this new Jet ski into the surf. We also have a model with loop handles added to back to help assist in picking up riders.

Advanced Kneeboard, Soft Model
(inflatable or polyurethane)

The Bike Grip Board inflatable Towable Kneeboard is a new patent design with the fun of the classic kneeboard in an inflatable Towable. This new water sport's product is made of strong rubber and canvas type material. It has a reinforced rubber tow hole in the front center of the board for the six foot long rope to go thru which comes together and attaches to the larger tow rope that then extends and attaches to the towing watercraft. This gives the rider more control. This new Bike Grip Board towable is a breakthru in the way we ride inflatable towables. Most inflatable towables leave the rider with no control as he or she is whipped around behind the towing watercraft.
soft board, bike grip board

This New advanced Kneeboard has two bmx grips in a Handlebar system built into front of the Board and two soft Knee areas and a low seat. The Rider uses fins and paddles to catch the wave and can kneel on two soft knee pads or squat knee on a low seat while holding two bmx grips to better control the Board. This Board can be made all soft like a Morey Doyle with a plastic or firm Bottom or as a new inflatable.

Advanced Kneeboard, Hard Model

hard board, bike grip board

This new Advanced Kneeboard can be made as a Hard model that has two bmx in a Handlebar system built into the front of the Board and two soft Knee pads and a low seat. The rider uses fins and paddles to catch the wave and can Kneel on two soft knee pads or squat knee on a low seat while holding two bmx type grips to better control the board thru the surf.This Hard version comes in all sizes and could be used for Tow in Big waves.

Bike Grip Board Jetski

wave runner,jetski, bike grip board

The Bike Grip Inflatable Towable Wave Runner. This new patent design allows the rider to ride a inflatable Towable in the same way and manner that one would ride a motorized wave runner. This new design is made of strong rubber and canvas type material that has a reinforced tow hole in the front of the board. The tow hole has a 6 foot long rope that goes thru the hole and connects to the larger tow rope. This allows the rider to do controlled leans and body shilfts to make the Towable more fun to ride.

Bike Grip Board, Inflatable Towable

towable, bike grip board
This new inflatable towable is made of strong rubber and canvas material layered together and reinforced around the tow eyelet. This prevents the material from stretching when being towed. The rider squat knees on a low seat and can rise up on their knees while holding on to the grips providing better control while being towed.

Hand Crafting, Manufacturing, Research and Development

The orginal Bike Grip Board is hand crafted with a plastic bottom that has the goose neck with a mound, Main Unit, for the handlebar system. I shape the major component of the board from a foam blank and place the plastic bottom with Main Unit onto the bottom and through the prepared opening. I slide the handle bar system, which includes the bike grips, thru a hole in the Main Unit. The handlebar system includes the bike grips which are soft padded grips and a handle bar that can flex proportionately to the needs of each particular model. I then put the foam cap onto the board that covers the top of the handlebar system. All or part of this process can be done with an assembly line type manufacturing process and/or an Injection Molded manufacturing process.

Our new Research and Development continues to look at new ways to advance the utility of the Bike Grip Board. Stay tuned for further developments.

Original Patent Filed 1994
BIKE GRIP BOARD Patent # 3152/MUM/2014
Bike Grip Board Copyright 2014-2018 by William Dandurand
All Rights Reserved
Including International and Worldwide

Referenced US Patent # 5472362
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