By Lance Murphy

"Re: Interesting..." I can think of something else.

By donna whittaker

"blast from the past" Wow, Gary Revel, it's been a long time since I heard that name. I don't know if you read these things or not but I loved your 'Peanut Man' song. It played on the radio in Thomasville, Georgia where I grew up, I mean it played like, all the time. We didn't know if you were making fun of President Jimmy Carter or just singing a song. Anyway, I live in Los Angeles now. I liked your music and I like your art. It's terrific.

By Daniel Feldman

Abstract for real dude! Those who are wondering what abstract is about should check out your stuff Gary. You go from brilliance to absurdity in complex forms and prose/poetry that mesmerizes.


By Yvette Martin

Ineresting way to communicate ideas. I've seen some of your pictures and honey you can eat my peanut klusters anytime.

By roadwarrior007


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