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For the fiction book, Chilled Over Ice

by Toya Marie Jordan

Dear Toya

After going to 2 Barnes & Noble stores and both telling me your book is a "print to order" book and waiting 10 days for delivery (recieved on the 7th) I have finally finished reading your book.

First I must tell you it was an incredible book to read. It gripped me so much to find out what Margo/Champagne, Misty and Wendy Mark & Greta, Austin & Marilyn were going to do next, I found it hard to put down. I also liked the way you brought it all together with Justin and Venture Corp that Charlie had researched. I would read like sixty pages, put it down and would want to go back and read more. It had everything in it from multi-personality, sex & murder, lesbianism, relationships & dectective work.

For your first book, I think you are an excellent writer and should continue with this skill you have discovered. I do not read alot, but when I find a book that grabs my attention, I am consumed by it (my wife said this).

Please let me know when your next book comes out. Wish I could get this one autographed.

It was a pleasure meeting you playing Backgammon and thank you for telling me about your book.


Patrick McGlone (XXX) XXX-XXXX

Five Stars:

I had to write a review on this book. Chilled Over Ice is so much more than a page turner, it truly engages the reader. The story transported me into the pages of the book as events unfolded. The cast of characters are so well developed that even when the book ends, there are numerous directions to continue with the story or branch off with new stories from many of the characters.

The initial crime is female on female rape which I would have never considered outside a jail/prison facility. Ms. Jordan, the author, has such a deep character development that the criminals may even branch off with their own series. This is NOT a lesbian, gay, erotic book but a certifiable suspense/mystery.

Even though the editing could have been better it did not take away from the power, suspense, mystery and fast pace of the story. I am eagerly awaiting the next book from Ms. Jordan.

By Ndiagna Long on March 22, 2012

You are going to be left wanting more! Complex characters and deep mystery will keep you interested. Read us book in 3 days and can't wait for another mystery by this author.
Captivating,hard hitting emotional ride. from start to finish
By Dorothy on May 30, 2011

Chilled over takes you on ride that is filled with discovery from page to page. Each page held me in suspense, that made me hunger for the next page. It gives you a deep and soulful look into the minds of the character, and pulls you into the depts of who,what,when and why. The author has succeeded in her character developement and her uncanny ability to bring to life the emotions that are felt by the characters. Chilled Over Ice is a must read.

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By Gregory Doster
Great Novel I was Amaze Read it Two Days

By george harrison
exciting book to read a true classic from a creative author great novel!!!!!!!!!!

By colturecolouratyahoodotcom
Great read excellent novel, Book of the decade 2 big thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!! chilled over ice is brilliant.

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