The Gypsy Prince Synopsis

Screenplay by Gabriel Gherasim

The Gypsy Prince is the story of the main character's (Gabi) transformation from an empathetic counselor into his genealogical destiny: that of becoming the Gypsy Bulibasa, or emperor.

The action takes place in New-York where Gabi is transported from his position as a rehabilitative teacher, into that of a concerned grandson for the ailing Gypsy Emperor (his grandfather). Gabi is reluctantly convinced to take over the emperor's position, with the wish of "bringing the Gypsies into the 21st Century" i.e. to use his authority in order to bring social reforms among the Gypsy castes.

In the process, he meets the beautiful Rodica, the now star of the European Folkloric ballet in New-York, here to tour with her ensemble, and falls in love with her. Rodica is a former neighbor to whom Gabi was reading legends and fairy tales in Communist Romania, before he left for health reasons and they lost contact. At that time, Rodica was six years old and he was 15 years old.

The rekindling of their affection, -this time in its romantic version-, is intertwined in the script with Gabi's gradual transformation from a strictly empathetic person, into a matter-of-fact, sometimes ruthless, leader. Gabi needs to grow fast into the leader of his community, especially after several factions of the gypsies take issue with Gabi's insistence to convert the Gypsy mob families into "law abiding citizens" and launch a civil war among the gypsy families. This war is done with the intent to depose Gabi and maintain the oligarchy of the crime families, which Gabi's grandfather had been part of, but had wanted Gabi to reform.

The spectacular Gypsy music and dances are intertwined throughout the script with the gypsies' civil war and the magnificent love story between Rodica and Gabi. A long lost brother of Gabi's, repudiated by their grandfather, the emperor, comes to the rescue of Gabi, by using an unlikely force: the FBI.

The brother, eventually, has to pay a very high price to the FBI in order to receive this assistance, but he does that for the sake of his brother.

In the end, Gabi has to decide, if his role in life has to be the one having been given by his blood (i.e. that of being the Gypsy Prince), or that which he had chosen initially (i.e. that of helping mentally and challenged people).

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