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A special thank you note written to jongleurs from Jongleur Group.

A Jongleur (pronounced Zhon-glerr) was an itinerant minstrel, traveling performer/entertainer who earned the title in Medieval times. Whether that person be an actor, dancer, singer, comedian, performer, mime, clown, story teller or whatever they all are jongleurs. The entertainment business as a whole depends on them to generate the income stream from which all entertainment businesses are sustained and prosper. Thus all companies in Jongleur Group, Jongleur Music, Jongleur Books and Jongleur Pictures are humbled by and in awe of our jongleurs, who are the essence and wealth of all product that comes from our companies. Without the artful creations and interpretations that bring us the stories, songs, art, pictures, music, and performances we would have no business.

So, thank you, Jongleurs.

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