(An artistic policy statement by Gary Revel)

We at Jongleur Music Pictures are fanatic about making movies. We love the art of putting actors on a set, taking pictures and sound of their actions and dialogue and turning that into a motion picture.

We have found after many years of involvement in this art that the Director is in fact the artist that makes the movie. Producers, writers, crew, actors, lawyers, accountants and all others involved simply support the director's vision of the screenplay that becomes the finished product; eventually pouring from the screen in a movie theater.

Finding (or writing) a screenplay is an important foundation stone but finding the right director to make the movie is crucial to the success of the work. Once a director is attached to a production the project becomes 'His or Her Baby'. He or she must nurture it, burp it, console it, embrace it, love it and sometimes tell it 'no'. When it's finished it is then turned over to marketing and distribution professionals who introduce it to the public through motion picture theaters.

It may sound simple but movie making is one of the most complex undertakings in the world of art and business. Many movies take many years from the day they are conceived to the first opening they have in a movie theater. Making movies the Jongleur way means making movies that matter and a director that makes great movies is what matters the most to us at Jongleur.

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