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Dear Heavenly Father

I come before the throne of God thanking you for your love, mercy, goodness, kindness and patience with us. I thank you for your son, our Savior Jesus Christ and for the sacrifice he made for us. I ask you to send love into the hearts of all those who are thinking about abortions today. Whether they have had an abortion, are thinking of having one or those who condemn others for having them. Help them to know how much our Savior suffered, bled, was beaten and bruised, then was nailed to the cross, crucified for us. The suffering and death of our Savior, Jesus Christ, was more than we can understand but we know it was for our sake. He paid the price for our sin, even the stripes on his back was for our healing. We know, oh Lord, even as Jesus forbad them from throwing stones at the woman caught in adultery, saying, "Let he among you who is without sin, throw the first stone." It's the same for the one who has an abortion or one who condemns the abortion, both are to be seen, even as the woman caught in adultery. Let those among us who are without sin, cast the first stone. The abortionist, the one who has an abortion and the one who condemns the abortion are loved by God and the same, Jesus suffered, bled and died for. Jesus taught us that love is the foundation of faith, the law and the prophets and how we should pray for one another, understanding we all are at the mercy of God. The bible teaches us that our righteousness is as filthy rags to God. When we condenm others, as if we are more righteous, we do the same to our Lord. Jesus said that when we do it to the least of these, we do it to Him. Now, help us oh Lord to never call a doctor or a woman a murderer or attack him or her with words, threats or violence. Lord, Father, God and Holy Spirit we humbly ask you to help us to be merciful and kind in all our dealings with one another and help us love our brothers and sisters who are caught up in the abortion issue. Give us peace, love, mercy and kindness in dealing with the entire matter and help us to not seek to forbid the woman who seeks an abortion, instead, to love her and support her, regardless of the decision she makes. Help us, to pray for patience, anytime we have urges that would bring an unwanted child into the world. Help us to love all children from birth on, and do all we can to make sure they are loved, protected, and taken good care of. In Jesus name we pray.


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