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35th Anniversary of "They Slew the Dreamer"

Music Review of the Album by Gary Revel and Critique of it's Historical Significance

January 6, 2014

New York, NY


Gary Revel helped to conduct the first interview with James Earl Ray for the HSCA along with attorneys Jack Kershaw and Mary Noel-Kershaw. The HSCA found a probable Conspiracy in the death of Martin Luther King, and later a civil trial brought by the King family would find a guilty verdict for Conspiracy as well. This time the evidence was framed in a fair judicial proceeding; it was not as easily manipulated as it is in major media programs and had been in the guilty plea hearing of James Earl Ray.

"They Slew the Dreamer" is an album that sounds as if it could be found among the tapes residing on the shelves of Sun Records. The title track was written by Revel and Mary Noel, and mourns the murder of MLK along with the damage it has caused our nation. King dared to dream of an America where the promise of equality would become a reality. He was slain for sharing his dream with the oppressed and those living under Jim Crow oppression that had been ignored. The dream was met with truncheons, fire hoses, and in this case, bullets.

In the decades that followed, America has lived not in a dream, but in a stupor. Many feel that their history has been seized and sanitized, but they are not certain how this came about. Revel has used his creative talents to express the what, why and how from the discovery of his investigative efforts. The music found herein plays like a balm for a nation badly in need of healing, and badly in need of an awakening of her soul. Until we answer who killed MLK, JFK, and RFK, the wound will fester unclean until the infection spreads so deeply we cannot reverse the effects.

Revel is a man of hope, and it shows in his music. As his album celebrates its 35th anniversary we can join in that celebration by listening; awakening the hopes of the American Dream. The tracks range from the abjectly serious, balanced by some light country fun. Playing the record celebrates what the Rev. Martin Luther King stood for in the 1960s, still stands for today and what he died for. It celebrates hope, and the power music has of stirring us to strive for the best we can be, knowing the peace that comes to our hearts and minds by doing so. It further speaks to the moral obligation citizens have to care and remain diligent. Play it, and dare to dream. Play it, and remember the love and courage of Rev. King. Play it and warm to the power faith, even the size of a mustard seed, has in healing apathy. We need to remind ourselves of the vision left by our fallen leaders, and take a long, hard look into the Promised Land.

Bob Wilson

Bob is a 46 year old librarian. He became interested in the Kennedy assassination cases in about 1992. He read over 100 books about the murders and learned a great deal corresponding with the late Fletcher Prouty.


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