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Could this be Raul-One of the Three Tramps in Dallas, Texas November, 22, 1963-JFK Assassination

Could this be Raul/E. Howard Hunt-One of the Three Tramps in Dallas, Texas November, 22, 1963-JFK Assassination



The CIA had pretty much ran their own ship until President Kennedy moved into the White House. He brought a new approach; one that the CIA did not like. Under Allen Dulles the CIA had toppled foreign heads of state in Guatemala and Iran but now JFK was asking the CIA to be more diplomatic than resorting to covert operations and dirty tricks. Where the CIA acted largely without restriction now JFK took the reins and made the traditionalists in the intelligence world very unhappy. A New York Times report once quoted JFK as saying he wanted "to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." There is little doubt that the CIA had people, whether contract employees or otherwise, that hated JFK because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the fact that he was known to be privately remarking on his discontent with the agency. CIA and US Military were bitter after Kennedy�s lack of support in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. It was this event that paved the way for JFK to retire/fire CIA Director Allen Dulles. Dulles became the scapegoat as it were for the Bay of Pigs failure. Many US Military and CIA folks have told me that the Bay of Pigs and subsequent Dulles firing was all that was needed for plans to come to the table for an exercise to relieve JFK of his duty. Of those with power to know and provide intelligence and logistical support for such an operation were Chief of Counterintelligence James Angleton, agents Cord Meyer, George Joannides, E. Howard Hunt along with contractors Frank Sturgis and Gerald Patrick Hemming; among others. Whether it was rogue elements, contract players or regular CIA they served well in the execution of the assassination and the cover-up. These are the kinds of people that were known to be comfortable with brutally murdering, using torture and any other coercion tactic on people to satisfy the completion of their mission. Not to forget that J. Edgar Hoover and many in the FBI helped also. Then there was Mafioso Godfather Carlos Marcello and his influence in the matter that clinched the operation.

It has been written that by the time of his killing, Bobby was less suspicious of the CIA being involved in his brother's assassination and more so the Mafia. This may have been a fateful mistake.

Due to the CIA's infiltration of news organizations, publishing companies as well as many other governmental and business operations the following cover-up was a sure thing. Now, for me, after just passing the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder, I must weigh the influence of the CIA's part as too important to think anything but, their guilt is evident.

Retired FBI agent Don Adams calls the Warren Report "Nothing But a Bunch Of Lies."

Retired FBI Agent and Police Chief Don Adams,
who was one of the original investigators in Dallas
examining the JFK assassination, stumbles upon records
and reports that were doctored. He knows, because he
filed the original reports. His decade long investigation
has taken him deep into history, to the National Archives
and beyond. Step by step he says he has learned and can
prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK.

Accusations and names of conspirators that came out of CIA Operative E. Howard Hunt's Confessions along with other factual findings from the files of Gary Revel Investigations:

J. Edgar Hoover: FBI Director who despised JFK and RFK and was psychologically traumatized by rumours that he could soon be relieved of his Seat of Government position by President Kennedy.
Lyndon B. Johnson: LBJ, whose own career was assisted by JFK nemesis J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), gave the orders to a CIA-led hit team, and helped guide the Warren Commission/lone gunman cover-up.
Cord Meyer: CIA agent, architect of the Operation Mockingbird disinformation apparatus, and husband of Mary Meyer (who had an affair with JFK).
David Atlee Philips: CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Recruited William Harvey (CIA) and Cuban exile militant Antonio Veciana.
Ted Shackley: CIA Operations Chief with career and personal motive to help take out JFK.
William Harvey: CIA and Bay of Pigs veteran. Connected to Mafia figures Santos Trafficante and Sam Giancana.
Antonio Veciana: Cuban exile, founder of CIA-backed Alpha 66.
Frank Sturgis: CIA operative, mercenary, Bay of Pigs veteran, and later Watergate figure.
Gerald Patrick Hemming: CIA operative, mercenary, confessed to being involved on a number of occassions.
Carlos Marcello: Powerful Mafiosso Godfather known to harbor hate for JFK as well as his brother Robert F. Kennedy.
David Morales: CIA hit man, Bay of Pigs veteran. Morales was also a figure involved with the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.
Malcolm Wallace: LBJ hitman known to have killed several enemies of Lyndon Baines Johnson.
Lucien Sarti: Corsican assassin and drug trafficker, possible "French gunman," Grassy Knoll (second) shooter.


Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
John F. Kennedy

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MC Melody

The lies and deceit in this phone conversation between 2 supposedly 'honorable men' are overwhelming. President Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI Director-J. Edgar Hoover conspire to keep the world in the dark as they have an ego pumping session shortly after JFK's killing. CLICK HERE to hear the entire, disturbing, and incredible private conversation. If the link doesn't work you can copy and paste this URL into your Web Browser address box.
Note: Some of the details of the assassinations of MLK/JFK/RFK, John Lennon and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan that are not here are found in the screenplays, MLK, JFK: The Real Story, Red Polka Dot Dress, King of the LIttle People and another being written now about the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

Patrick Wood brings the hidden details of the 1977 Gary Revel investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR. to light. He is writing and publishing the story in chapters in a way that brings to life the intimacy of Gary's dangerous quest of finding the truth and more. To begin your own personal journey Click Here to Read.

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