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John F. Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King Jr.
Final Report
Investigating Life/Music/Career of Michael Jackson
Investigating John Lennon Killing


"One little truth is more powerful than all the lies in the world."
"The kindness you give goes a long way and always comes back to you."

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So, You Wanna Make a Movie:
The Art of the Matter is the Heart of the Matter
Article by Gary Revel

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Gary Revel found links to those responsible for the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon and the attempted killing of President Ronald Reagan.

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News: Diana Mangano, formerly with Jefferson Starship, performed in Curtis Manor, Oswego New York for the Mother Nature Festival Live Inc. benefit concert, Diana and Keith Dion, formerly with the Noel Redding band of the Jimi Hendrix experience, are lead vocalists with The Great American Robber Barons. Frostbit Blue and Kevin Silvers also performed. Frostbit Blue was live while Kevin sent his music video of Mother Nature SOS.
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