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January 29, 2014
New York, NY USA

Leutrell Osborne Sr. Joins Gary Revel Investigation of John Lennon Assassination

Black Man in the CIA-Leutrell Osborne Sr. joins team to investigate/research the assassination of John Lennon. He joins Bob Wilson who is also consulting on the story/screenplay being written by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel about the killing. His 26 years in the CIA, becoming a Case Officer with up to 12 agents in his pocket, will provide a background from which he can look at the facts of the murder in a new light.

With many books, films and television programs addressing Lennon's assassination that include accusations of others being involved Osborne has his hands full. His expert take on the possible scenarios that may be at play here will be invaluable to those interested in this post Snowden/NSA climate we are living in. Gary Revel said, "With so much about assassination teams, cover-ups, patsies, programmed killers, data mining and the micromanaging of communications of all kinds throughout the world, Osborne is a welcome addition to the effort at hand."

Osborne's memoir "BLACK MAN INTHE CIAĒ is online and in book stores and libraries everywhere. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland and often is an authoritative speaker at various functions.

Contact: Leutrell Osborne
(301) 858 8455

Leutrell Osborne Sr.

3280 Arundel on the Bay Road,

Annapolis, Md. 21403

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