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New Age Fantasy, adaption of the book by David Green, screenplay by Gary Revel and David Green.
Logline: A golf course inspector goes into a book store and accidentally bumps into his Spiritual Guide. She takes him into a fantasy world where every home has it's own golf course, brings him back to reality, marries him and then sees his dream become his nightmare.
Note: This has a little bit of a Brigadoon feel to it that brings to mind the classic story-telling that never disappoints. The movie is being produced and directed by Jeff Olm. He is joined by producers Bob Reid and Soso Janiashvili. Justin Wheelon is attached to play the lead, Shane and Keith Goff is attached to play Mr. John Smith.

Dead and Voiceless

Gary Revel and Elicia Petrucci get pulled into the nightmarish world of the child-sex crimes of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The horror of the sexual assaults and rape of young girls is horrific. This action/thriller brings out the details of the sex-crimes committed by Epstein/Maxwell and their rich friends. Jeff Olm is the principle executive producer. There are talks between Jongleur Pictures and Mel Gibson about him directing. The screenplay is written by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel. It is adapted from the story of the Gary Revel investigation of Epstein and Maxwell.

The Kales Report

Logline: Joseph Kales is in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. He loses contact with his girlfriend, Stacy. What happens next is the thing nightmares are made of.
Screenplay by Rocky Jalil, Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel, adapted from the book, The Kales Report: the journal of Joseph Kales, author Rocky Jalil.

U 92

Did Hitler live beyond WW II. If so, did he begin a revenge campaign to destroy all the major cities of Europe and the UK. If so, this movie tells the story. Hitler's plans to destroy major cities, with nuclear bombs, is rolling out. One by one, London, and great European cities are targeted with nuclear bombs. Will the Revel-Petrucci team be able to turn things around before it's too late? Adapted from the book, U 92, by Gautam Ailawadi.

A Russian Wind

Logline: Black Man in the CIA, Leutrelle (Mike) Osborne, finds himself middle of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Martin Luther King JR.


Logline: A team of scientists time travel back 60 million years to the Cretaceous Period in search of an undiscovered virus. When they arrive, they find far more than dinosaurs that put theiey Epstein.r lives at risk.

Whole Lotta Love: Or Not

A comedy about love, or not. A young man is in love but his intended doesn't feel the same. She actually is more taken with members of her own sex than his. Go with him on his journey to try and convince her otherwise.

They Slew The Dreamer - MLK: The Gary Revel Story

MLK: The Gary Revel Story aka They Slew the Dreamer, which is based on the Gary Revel story of his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. is in development. Patrick Wood is Director of Development for Jongleur Pictures and Jeff Olm is the Director of Distribution. Executive Producers are Jeff Olm, Patrick Wood and Gary Revel. Bob T. Reid is developing a documentary involving Gary's story. Jeff Olm has an impressive work reel you may view, click here. You will be amazed at all the block buster movies he has helped make.

Click Here to learn more about "They Slew the Dreamer".

The Adventures of Hillary the Little Ladybug

Hillary the Little Ladybug goes on adventures in Ladybugland. Ladybugs mutated after the worldwide nuclear war and became what seemed to be the dominate species, on planet Earth. Many surprises and travels await her as she uses her remarkable skills and abilities to make a better world for all. The new book in the series is Hillary and the Witch.

The Bugsy Siegel Killing

movie poster Bugsy Siegel Killing

Logline: A United States Government super-secret weapon is used to time travel in search of the Tesla Papers. Uncovering the truth of the killing of Mafia Boss-Bugsy Siegel becomes the lynchpin to the mission. Gary Revel and Alicia Petrucci go undercover to combat the Mafia and find the papers.
A Gary Revel Investigations Franchise, alternative history action/thriller.
Executive Producers: Jeff Olm, Richard Freedland, and Gary Revel.
Screenplay: Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.

The Haunting of the Scavenger

Logline: Three teenagers find a wishing well and each makes a wish. They unknowingly unleash a powerful evil that makes their secret dreams become a twisted reality, that results in a deadly epic battle.
Executive Producers: Jeff Olm, Gary Revel and Aidan Lucid
Screenplay: Aidan Lucid and Gary Revel

I've Seen Dead People

The Diary of Deputy Coroner: Donna Francart, tells the story of first hand experience with the dead, their stories, and their families. Both the usual and ghostly horror form the basis of this feature motion picture development project.
Executive Producer and Director: Jeff Olm
Screenplay: Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel


Adventure - Screenplay by Gabriel Gherasim
A reluctant heir of the Gypsy Tribes’ throne comes to terms with his responsibilities and priorities, as he is groomed by his dying grandfather into the arduous task of supreme leadership over these nomadic communities. In the process, he becomes aware of the violent realities of the Gypsy leaders’ rivalries, and has to decide whether he’ll take the time-proven path of violence against his enemies, or make recourse to the law. Love, passion, violence, dance, loyalties, music, and betrayals, are abounding in this breath-taking view of a thousand years old culture, civilization and community, trying to come to terms with 21st century transformations.

Clones of Pindar

Original Story titled, Mionian, by Gary Revel
movie poster Clones of Pindar

Logline: Defenders of planet Earth battle the evil Pindar and his clones from Mars to the Antarctica. The epic sci-fi action/thriller follows the good guys as they go to war against supernatural evil warriors with powerful highly positioned supporters.

Abstract: Gary Revel and Alicia Petrucci join an ensemble of warriors who have to save Planet Earth from the evil Pindar and his clones. The epic sci-fo thriller begins on Mars and follows the good guys as they go to war with cloned supernatural power and highly places powerful supporters of the evil. The story combs Ancient History and is set far into the future as the final battle for the Earth rages. Jongleur Pictures has executed an option agreement with Story Rights owner, Gary Revel and screenwriters, Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel and it is in development with Jeff Olm overseeing the development.

The Footprint of God

Logline: Gary Revel and Petrucci battle cannibals, other worldly aliens, and the Chinese military in and below the Amazon Jungle. Alien technology and Royal Family interests pervade this under world of giants as a fight to the finish draws to an end.
Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.


A Gary Revel Investigative Look at the Assassination of Washington Post's Jamal Khashoggi with portrayals of how Prince Mohammad bin Salman may have been responsible for it. Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.

Who's That in the Mirror

Crime/Psychological Drama - A popular interior designer is raped in New Orleans. Her high society friends are aghast and want answers. What follows is not only shocking but takes you on a journey into the nightmares and psychological twists and turns of the victim and the perpetrator. This is the first novel from the author, Toya Marie Jordan, who is a 55 year old woman with adult children. The book is edited by Gary Revel and published by Jongleur Music Book Publishing. Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel. Book Review


Congressman Hale Boggs was killed when the plane he was in mysteriously went down somewhere in Alaska. His son, Tommy Boggs, wanted to know why and how it happened. This is a thriller/action movie that helps to untangle the mystery of it all. The assassinations of JFK and MLK may have had more to do with it than many suspect. Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.


History lingers and winces at the memory of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Senator/Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy. So much has been written, filmed and discussed in every forum including literary, television, cable, film, video, internet and every kind of news productions and publishing. Often in all this is the feeling that much of it has an agenda beyond truth or entertainment. Finally the world will have a chance to know the real truth behind these assassinations. Gary's investigations are now being developed for a 13 episode television series. The scripts, are based on investigations by Gary Revel, of the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK and their congruent realities.
Their dreams of peace and love were turned into nightmares by the 'Dream Killers' (The trilogy; JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations based on the investigations of Gary Revel).

Don't Stop Dancing

Screenplay by Frank Burmaster, Jordan Tate and Gary Revel. Adapted from the book, "Don't Stop Dancing: Stranger Than Fiction". The story of the Gary Revel investigation of the life/music/career of Michael Jackson that answers the question; who was really behind the success of the Jackson 5 and the phenomenon that was the King of Pop.

Gary's investigation reveals the hidden secrets that are the backbone of this motion picture. The investigation was brought about by a request from Ben Brown, and facilitated by producer and record label partner Gordon Keith.

The story is fascinating as it pulls back the covers of the fantasy world that became Michael's life and leaves the audience with a deep understanding of how the abuse, exploitation and gross commercialization of the young Michael ultimately led to his death. With all the glamour, wealth, powerful forces in Hollywood and around the world juxtaposed with the greed, betrayal, deceit and lies was the life and music career of Michael Jackson. Plagued by drug abuse and the inability to sleep without being completely knocked out with propafol Michael Jackson finally slipped into the deep sleep. Whether it is by his own hand or not is only part of the mystery.

Logline: Michael Jackson is dead but the true and to a larger degree even marvelous and wonderful story of his life can now be told. The riveting fantasyland that his life became will be shown along with the lies, coercion and secrets completely hidden until now.
Marketing Note: Many millions of people throughout the world anxiously await the true story of Michael Jackson as told by Gary Revel.
More about Don't Stop Dancing here...

JFK: One Day in November

jfk assassination screenplay movie
Screenplay by Frank Burmaster, Robert Burnside, Gary Revel and Ambyr Davis. Producer/Director Jeff Olm. The real story, of the JFK assassination pours out, as Special Investigator-Gary Revel goes back to answer the myriad and confusing questons of who assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Executive Producer-Jeff Olm

NO MAS: The Battle in Panama

Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel. A Gary investigation story developed out of his efforts to make a motion picture about the life of Roberto Duran. It turned out to be a battle for the cocaine market coming from Panama and climaxing at the Super Fight in New Orleans.


Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel

They tried to kill President Ronald Reagan. The attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan takes the viewer into a world of intrigue, danger and deadly battles that rage over Hinckley's love of Jodie Foster and President Ronald Reagan. Special Investigator Gary Revel puts his life on the line as he leaves no stone unturned to find the truth.

Maggie Ling and the Hall of Records

Film being developed with Maggie Q in mind for the lead role as the female 007-James Bond.
Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel

Lethal Weapon: To Die For

Murtaugh and Riggs take on the Russian Mafia. The Russians are trying to take over the Armenian Community in Los Angeles and sell lethal weapons to organized criminals in Venezuela. They take Murtaugh's daughter and granddaughter as hostages to make sure they do what they want and get away with it. With the help of Revel and pertucci, Murtaugh and Riggs may have a surprise for them.
Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel

Red Polka Dot Dress

Logline: Robert F. Kennedy was shot down in cold blood on June 5th, 1968. For Special Investigator Gary Revel, this was only the beginning or could it be the end?
The Gary Revel investigation, of the RFK assassination story, has been developed into a screenplay, written by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel. The screenplay has gone into Turnaround and talks continue for its production and distribution as a feature film. When you sit down to watch this movie prepare for a journey to a place you've never been. However, you have never been allowed to see these things before. It is a journey from which you will not return with the same opinion of the matter. It is the virgin land of truth about the RFK assassination.

Bridge of Silence

A Gary Revel Investigation based story about Dorothy Kilgallen and her indepth look into the JFK assassination. Dorothy was murdered because she knew too much. Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.

Black Man in the CIA: Uncensored

A Gary Revel Investigations Franchise picture. Revel and Frank Burmaster pen the screenplay for this Black Man in the CIA (Leutrell Mike Osborne) action/adventure with true covert underpinning.

Mt. Olympics: The Ultimate Olympian Games

A reality based mini-series where Olympians compete in contests, games and Decathlon of events. The winners are declared Zeus for the men, and Hera for the women.
In development at Jongleur Pictures.
Executive Producer: Richard Faith

King of the Little People

Jongleur Pictures LLC announces option of the Gary Revel investigation story of the killing of John Lennon.
News Release
John Lennon was murdered and Mark Chapman was the killer, or was he. Gary Revel must find the truth, and live to tell about it. Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel, based on the story of the Gary Revel investigation of the assassination of John Lennon. A mystery thriller motion picture that peels back the layers of lies and cover-up of the killing of Beatles' John Lennon. We find the proposed killer Mark Chapman is King of the Little People and has more demons to fight than he has abilities to overcome them. What we really want to know is: Did he have help?
John Lennon killing movie
Jen Soskin at HBO said this about the screenplay, "It's well written, fun, read... impressedable, cloak & dagger... unique ...
Lennon Related News


Eagles Soar movieo pster Black Man in the CIA

Loosely based on the character (Leutrell 'Mike' Osborne) found in the book, BLACK MAN IN THE CIA. James Bond's African American juxtaposition, so to speak. Screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel. Mike takes on ISIS as they launch a threat of nuclear disaster against the USA, Great Britain and Israel.
An action/adventure/thriller about an African American, CIA-007 type agent, full of intrigue, danger, surprise and thrills.

Old Doc Turtle

The Old Doc Turtle Series is under development as an animated series. The books, authored by Richard Faith, are the basic building blocks of this series. Titles currently in development are Bee Scared, Crocodilly Lilly, L.T. Owl in the owl that said what.


Superhero Megamerse stands alone against those who are intent on destroying planet Earth's environmental haven for human beings. Along with the mystical "They Who Are" he must keep our home planet from becoming an uninhabitable planet for human beings. Executive Producer-Christopher Egolf


LAST CLONE: Adventure - Story/Film Treatment by Gary Revel with screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.
Logline: The story of the cloning of Jesus Christ and the Armageddon that follows.

A SULTANA STORY: Historical Fiction/Romaniticism - Log Line: The United States won the war against the Confederate States to save the union. A young girl becomes a woman during this time as her father serves in the Union Army. He never made it back home and she could not rest until she traveled to the Southern strong-hold to find him. The tragedy of the explosion of the steamship Sultana would do what the war and the Confederate prison camps couldn't; take the life of her brave and precious father.

LITTLE DID WE KNOW: Stringbean Biopic - The life and murder of the Grand Ole Opry/Hee Haw story of Stringbean (David Akeman) and his wife Estelle. Log Line: Grand Ole Opry/Hee Haw star Stringbean (David Akeman) and his wife Estelle were gruesomely shot down and killed at their home in Nashville Tennessee. The story of how these 2 innocent and kind people could be gruesomely murdered by heartless kill "max-width:100%;"ers has yet to be told until now. Little did we know how soon they would go.

MAGIC ROADHOUSE INN: Crime - Log Line: A gruesome murder and investigation expose the disturbing corruption of Orlando Florida law enforcement. A young woman, who had been in love with the murder victim, steps forward to solve the crime in her own youthful and naive way even though she too worked for the police department.

MODEL LIFE: Romantic Comedy; Log Line:
Nouvel had it all as a supermodel 'til she was cursed by a vengeful psychic. She gained weight and lost her supermodel status as Ben proved his love for her by standing by her even in her obese condition. When Nouvel ultimately chooses love over fame and glory the curse is broken and she and Ben find their love is the most important thing in their lives.

CRIME ON TERROR:Screenplay by Vahram 'Hakobyan' Jacobs
Logline: A money laundering criminal outfit, trying to stay as low profile as possible, is deceived into involuntarily assisting a terrorist attack and consequently finds itself in a bloody conflict with the terrorists.

INDIAN SIDEKICK: Screenplay by Ralph Roberts
Logline: Three cultures - knife-wielding Gurkha, Cherokee, and Southern Appalachian - clash to catch a brutal serial killer on the Cherokee reservation in the Great Smoky Mountains.
A tribal police chief with a huge serial killer problem gets saddled with a REAL Indian detective from India who brings along her fearsome knife-wielding Gurkha father, who fancies himself a Himalayan Sherlock Holmes when not meddling in her love life. The chief must bring three cultures together to stop the monster before they all die.


As a 40-year-old journalist, I’ve spent the last five years of my “youth” having abandoned all other projects and professional opportunities to work solely on a book. It centers on Gary’s 1977 investigation, done in collaboration with the HSCA, on “Zorro”, the code-named operation to silence MLK’s protest of the Vietnam War, by rogue operatives of the Military Industrial-Complex. Although the book as a finished product has yet to speak for itself in this way, I can say unreservedly that I would do the last five years all over again, and this, as a statement of my confidence, affection, and time-tested admiration for Gary. He is a trove walking about in plain sight. The world will learn of his name and unsung contribution to some of history’s greatest discoveries–the kind that will give the overlooked and marginalized their voice back. Finding creative means to do so through art and film is what keeps him young; as a lesson to myself. What kind of person goes back to college at 74? Leaving the cloak and dagger life behind, Gary loves learning and strives to master the entertainment and business fields. His passion is evident. Suffice to say, there’s a lot to unearth there, and Gary is it.

Investigative Reporter, Author Patrick J. Wood

I find Gary to have a very sharp mind when it comes to the arts and the business of making movies. He is constantly at work, from developing a story to getting that story into a screenplay, getting the cast together, finding the right executive producer, musical composer, director, etc. to negotiating the legal relationships. It has been nothing but an honour and great pleasure working with Gary on numerous projects.

Screenwriter, Producer Frank Burmaster

I am an author who was blessed to have been introduced to Gary Revel through a mutual friend who is also in the entertainment business. Jeff Olm , that friend, has worked on many box-office hits. I knew that anyone connected with Jeff would be a quality person who knew the business. Gary’s extensive background in the entertainment world, along with his upstanding morals and reputation, was a welcoming pleasure to embrace. It has been an honour for me to know him. He published my book, I’ve Seen Dead People, via Jongleur Books, his publishing company. He has been a very proactive, hands-on publisher and I continue to count my blessings being his friend and business partner.

Former Deputy Coroner, Author Donna Francart

Ascot Media Group has enjoyed a long-standing business relationship with recording artist, producer and author Gary Revel. We have created public relations campaigns for many of his books and some of his original songs, and the media is always receptive of his work and talents. From his children’s books that teach valuable lessons about the environment to his fascinating investigations into the assassinations of JFK, MLK and others, Gary uses his craft to make a difference in the world around him. He is a consummate professional and always a pleasure to work with.

Trish Stevens: Owner, Ascot Media Group, Inc. Post Office Box 2394, Friendswood, TX 77549, 832.334.2733 Direct, 281.333.3507 Main,,

I was recommended to Gary by a dear friend of the family, Cheryl Whitman-Dubuque, who is now deceased. For many years, she produced movies in Hollywood, California; before passing on. Cheryl suggested I speak with Gary about developing some of my children’s stories for animated productions. I called him, as she suggested, and told him about my Old Doc Turtle series of stories. From there we developed a business and personal relationship which led to the publishing of several of my books. We are also developing both my children’s books and my science fiction books (Megamerse) for film/animation production. He is also advising me on getting some of the songs I wrote; to go along with the stories, produced. I am grateful for Cheryl’s introduction and appreciate Gary’s expert assistance in bringing my literary work to the public’s attention. I highly recommend him to anyone needing guidance in film/animation development, book publishing, or music business.

Executive Director of Mother Nature Festival Live Inc., Author Richard Faith

I have had the pleasure of working with Gary Revel for the last five years. I found him to be efficient, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. As an Illustrator, it is wonderful to have a publisher like him on your side. I have done six titles with him (The Old Doc Turtle Series) and numerous book covers. He is always professional and knowledgeable. I do art. He does business and has my back.

Illustrator, Composer, Recording Artist, and Musician Todd Hobin


Atlanta Devil-screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel. The team of Revel and Petrucci are immersed in the dark side of Atlanta, Georgia.

24 Hours a Day Comedy News Channel

Jongleur Pictures announces it's development of the 24 Hours a Day Comedy News Channel. Programs will include Fake News, Sitcoms, Standup, Skits, Improv and more. All of the content will be based on the news as it is provided by major news programs and networks throughout the world.

ANGELS IN THE CLOUDS - The book by Lynn Johnston being adapted into a screenplay.

BABUSHKA - One story from Gary Revel's investigation of the JFK assassination includes Babushka. A young woman that fell into the intrigue, danger, betrayal and conspiracy of the killing of President John F. Kennedy. She filmed the shot that blew JFK's brains out but, like many other proofs of conspiracy, the film was confiscated by authorities and fell off the face of the earth.

HATRED IS THE KEY - Screenplay by Graham Sclater

WHEEL STORY - Screenplay by Tanner Grover Social Hollywood Magazine Interview

THE AMERICAN ARABIAN - Screenplay by Royal Darrah

JOE KELLY FOR PRESIDENT- Screenplay by Valerie Hockert


Dream Killers

Note: Gary Revel began his filmmaking career with the docu/music/drama ‘The Last of the American Hobos’ in the early 1970s in Hollywood, California, and made his first music recordings at the Capitol Records studios located at Hollywood and Vine.


Arise TV - Gary Revel Interview
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White Christmas (2023)
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