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January 15, 2014
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Leutrell (Mike) Osborne Sr. Making a Difference

Today as we celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. we must also recognize the contributions of another great African American. Leutrell ‘Mike” Osborne spent 26 years in the Agency, as half of the first Black mother-son duo in the outfit’s history. Leutrell was the ‘Little Man’ in the family, stepping into the shoes of a father he would not meet until he was 21 years old. His mother Ella Grisby began grooming him for the position he would attain from his childhood. His desire to work at this craft began when he was only twelve years old, and his photography skills would help him gain employment in the elite and powerful Central Intelligence Agency.

Osborne views the world as having only one race, which is the ‘the human race’. There are different ethnic groups, and his viewpoint was that African Americans were the ‘stolen people’. These were a people taken by force from their homeland, and relocated to America. Rather than give in to the anger that such a fate may inspire in most people of any color or creed, Osborne decided to work within the system as a transformation agent to make it a more just organization, and a welcome and beneficial partner in the struggle for a more humane, kinder and gentler society.

At sixteen years old, Osborne’s first step to achieving his career goal was joining the Air National Guard. Adversity is viewed as sand in an oyster, which can result in a pearl with proper cultivation. The character exhibited and achievements accomplished by Mike certainly can fall into the aforementioned category. In a world with a gaping hole where leadership examples should be, Osborne has offered his life as a testimony to what can be accomplished regardless of the odds of beating a ‘stacked deck’. To change the house rules, success is most likely achieved from within the system through perseverance to goals one sets.

Osborne being a dedicated ‘Cold Warrior’ in a country that found him in a segregated school system until the tenth grade is fodder to leave one wondering at length on the complexities at hand. The American system offered a chance for change, while Stalin’s Russia had murdered tens of millions of its own citizens. Although the march to achieve the dream is still ongoing for many, Mike displayed that a one man can pave the way to change the lives of many others. Or at least pave the way on the road to freedom for others to follow.

Mike was serving in Oslo, Norway on December 10th, 1964 when the Rev. Martin Luther King received the Nobel Peace Prize. Only about ten Black families were living in the country at the time. Although his tenure in the Agency removed him from the struggle for Civil Rights at home in America, he was able to meet King face to face. King would tell the young agent that “They’re watching me. The government is watching my organization and me.” This is part of the ‘dirty tricks’ that the intelligence apparatus may use which can become a danger to the people they start out ideally to serve.

King’s words may have been etched in stone tablets of historical truth, if only to gauge their level of import. “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.”

The murder of King so closely to that of Bobby Kennedy’s would attempt to eliminate with bullets the momentum of equal rights in this country which is what the two men stood for. Further, many attempts have been made to smear their character in more “dirty tricks” in the days since. The belief in resurrection after death as exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ and found in other murders and oppression planted its seed in the hearts of many citizens the world throughout. As a ‘Tom Joad', Osbourne would seek to stand in the gap to pave a way to change through his career in the intelligence field. The words of King echo through the lives of men who seek to pave the way for others to walk in dignity and equality. The hope that inspired the work of Dr. King has gone out through the efforts Osborne and many others who fight to keep that hope alive.

Among the markers left on the way to achieving an equal playing field was Harry Truman’s Executive order # 9981 of 7/27/48. This guaranteed the right to all soldiers serving in the military to receive equal treatment regardless of ethnicity. Twelve years after joining the Agency, Osborne achieved his lifelong goal of becoming a case officer. The struggle was long, and many setbacks had to be overcome. Mike would also go on to receive his college degree on May 28, 1971. He would learn four languages along the way, but his example to those following would speak more loudly than any foreign tongue.

So, on this birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. we memorialize the great work of those who stand for truth and basic human rights. Leutrell (Mike) Osborne Sr. is one of those and his remarkable life and career continue as an example of what perseverance in the face of impossible odds can do. Most recently he has authored his memoir of his years in the Company titled “BLACK MAN INTHE CIA” and often autographs the book for his readers. The book takes you inside the CIA in ways that will surprise, educate and entertain. Osborne lives in Annapolis, Maryland and is an inspiration for all those who seek to make a difference for good in the world today.

Investigative Journalist Bob Wilson

Contact: Leutrell Osborne
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Leutrell (Mike) Osborne

3280 Arundel on the Bay Road,

Annapolis, Md. 21403

Final Report
The Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Retired FBI agent Don Adams calls the Warren Report “Nothing But a Bunch Of Lies.”

Retired FBI Agent and Police Chief Don Adams,
who was one of the original investigators in Dallas
examining the JFK assassination, stumbles upon records
and reports that were doctored. He knows, because he
filed the original reports. His decade long investigation
has taken him deep into history, to the National Archives
and beyond. Step by step he says he has learned and can
prove that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK.

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
John F. Kennedy


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Patrick Wood brings the hidden details of the 1977 Gary Revel investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR. to light. He is writing and publishing the story in chapters in a way that brings to life the intimacy of Gary's dangerous quest of finding the truth and more. To begin your own personal journey Click Here to Read.

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