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Graduate: Holmes County High School, Bonifay Florida

US Navy Honorably Discharged Veteran – Vietnam Era

1 Year College-CLEP

Course Completion and Certificates in:

Electronics, Sonar, Military Training and Specialties, Naval Intelligence – USAFI

Related Independent Coursework

Nuclear Physics - USAFI

Fortran Computer Programming (Correspondence Course)

American Bible College

Diploma in Advanced Theology

Business Owner

Jongleur Music/Books/Pictures

Oct 02, 1998

Oversee activities directly related to conceptualizing, development, manufacturing and distribution of products and services with an eye on general demand and marketing plans.

Direct and coordinate activities of businesses and departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, or distribution of products.

Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement.

Design and maintain Web Sites and Social Networking Platforms.

Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.

Direct and coordinate organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency.

Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with associates, board members, organization officials, and staff members as necessary.

Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees, and oversee those personnel processes.

Plan and direct activities such as sales promotions, coordinating with associates as well as department heads and associates as required.

Determine goods and services to be sold, and set prices and credit terms, based on forecasts of customer demand.

Locate, select, and procure merchandise for resale, representing management in purchase negotiations.

Jongleur Music Pictures

Sole Proprietorship; 1-10 employees; Motion Pictures and Film industry

February 1977 – Present (36 years 9 months)

Filmmaker William Sachs has an option on the story of my investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. for the production of a feature film.

Jongleur Music Book Publishing

Public Company; 1-10 employees; Publishing industry

January 1977 – Present (36 years 10 months)

Publisher of books

Jongleur Music Book Publishing

Public Company; 1-10 employees; Publishing industry

January 1977 – Present (36 years 10 months) Temple, TX

Publisher of Fiction-Non Fiction books


Facebook Page: Texans for Obama

December 2012 – Present (11 months)

Star City Records Inc.

August 1979 – January 1981 (1 year 6 months)

A corporation set up by Gary Revel to release and distribute the album Revel in 1979. One of the songs on the album was They Slew The Dreamer. It was the song about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and now can be found on iTunes and many other locations.

Work Experience

Blue Room Supper Club



US Navy

Wartime Service


Interstate Life Insurance Company

Insurance Agent


Farmers Buying Service



Caseys Jeans

Fashion Jeans Manufacturer's Representative


Video Design


October 1975 – September 1976 (1 year)

Troubleshoot and repair video games.

Royal Alliance Associates INC

Financial Consultant

Public Company; 201-500 employees; Financial Services industry

June 1966 – April 1967 (11 months) Greater Los Angeles Area

Entrusted with the task of providing advise and counsel in order to aid the process of investment and asset management, insurance products; also retirement planning that included real estate investments, budgeting clients' finances and preparing comprehensive plans for retirement as well as preparing detailed plans for funding the educational requirements of the clients' minor children.

Special Investigations

1 year (1977) as Special Investigator of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

(In association with the US Government's House Select Committee on Assassinations and Attorneys Jack Kershaw and Mark Lane.)

Honors and Awards

Who's Who in the World

Marquis Who's Who Publications Board

June 1989

1989/1990 Certification

1991/1992 Certification

Who's Who in Finance and Industry

Marquis Who's Who Publications Board


Developing motion picture and television projects with producers and other film companies in association with Jongleur Pictures

Publishing books in association with Jongleur Music Book Publishing

Writing, Producing and Distributing Music in association with Jongleur Music

Developing manufacturing and marketing for the Bike Grip Board


With the book, Zorro: The Unveiling of the Plot to Kill MLK, Patrick Wood brings the hidden details of the 1977 Gary Revel investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR. to light. He is writing and publishing the story in chapters in a way that brings to life the intimacy of Gary's dangerous quest of finding the truth and more. To begin your own personal journey Click Here to Read.

MLK-They Slew the Dreamer Presentation

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RED POLKA DOT DRESS: Movie project, the mystery of the assassination of Senator/Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy; screenplay by Frank Burmaster and Gary Revel.
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Gary Revel found links to those responsible for the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon and the attempted killing of President Ronald Reagan.


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