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The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy Still Unsolved

A Gary Revel Commentary-Opinion


Los Angeles, California, USA
July 9, 2012
Update: January 16, 2014

Patsy, Sirhan Sirhan, represented by lawyer William Pepper may get his just day in court, finally. The FBI's changing of Nina Rhodes-Hughes statement to back there false story of only 8 shots being fired was a disgrace to every fair thinking person anywhere. It is a black eye for every judicial person who has ever or will ever work for the government of the United States of America.

Nina was not the only eye witness who has said that more than 8 shots were fired in the crowded hallway where Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy was shot on June 5, 1968 in the Ambassador Hotel. Furthermore a recently uncovered tape recording of the shooting proves that at least 13 shots were fired. In less than 6 seconds they are heard; professionally detected on the audiotape that was recorded by Stanislaw Pruszynski, a free lance newspaper reporter. Audio expert Philip Van Praag analyzed the audio tape and is reporting to the press that the recording is authentic and establishes 13 sounds are gunshots in the 6 second time period of the shooting of RFK.

Nina says she rushed after Senator Kennedy as he was being led away from the direction she had been instructed to take him. There is no doubt that she believes she heard more than 8 shots which is the most Sirhan would have been able to fire if he was, as 'Lone Gunman Theorists' say, the only shooter.

Nina also says the her statement was changed by the FBI. Her New York attorney William Pepper, filed papers in federal court in Los Angeles correcting the record by making the fact known that FBI misrepresented Rhodes-Hughes' eyewitness account and that she actually had heard a total of 12 to 14 shots fired.

Robert F. Kennedy's campaign press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz, has said that he probably would have said 10, talking about the number of shots he heard that gut wrenching night.

RFK supporter, Estelyn Duffy LaHive, told the LAPD that she was standing just outside the kitchen pantry's west entrance when the shooting erupted. Her statement was, "I thought I heard at least about 10 shots..."

Booker Griffin, another Kennedy supporter, told police that he had just entered the pantry through its east entrance and suddenly heard "two quick" shots followed by a slight pause and then what "sounded like it could have been 10 or 12" additional shots.

The gun Sirhan Sirhan had in his possession that night only held 8 bullets. Common sense should have told the LAPD that eventually people would come to the knowledge that something was amiss in their investigation when the simple facts were falsified and evidence corrupted to benefit the prosecution of Sirhan Sirhan.

If a new trial is given Sirhan, and that is an absolute necessity now, we may finally at least get justice for him regardless of the fact that we'll never have the satisfaction of realizing the benefits the United States of America would have had with the election of President Robert F. Kennedy.

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