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February 26, 2015
Update: June 1, 2017
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Mystery of Unfathomable Consequence


Bob Wilson

'SOMEONE IS HIDING SOMETHING', by Richard Belzer, David Wayne and George Noory.

Is the disappearance of a commercial airliner with over 200 people on board no more important than a fender bender? This book draws a staggering conclusion that some may want us to believe this airline tragedy isn't even that important.
Gary Revel

'SOMEONE IS HIDING SOMETHING' by Richard Belzer, David Wayne and George Noory.
Is the disappearance of a commercial airliner with over 200 people on board is no more important than a fender bender. This book draws a staggering conclusion that some may want us to believe this airline tragedy isn't even that important.


Someone Is Hiding Something (Skyhorse Publishing, 2015) is the latest fascinating work from David Wayne, along with his co-authors Richard Belzer and George Noory. Flight 370 went missing with 239 passengers on board, and no one has located any trace of it since. Although media coverage reached the point of saturation, investigative journalism in its midst was possibly harder to find than the plane. Family members have demanded answers, and none of the concrete ones have been forthcoming to this point in time.

It is daunting to think that leaders of sovereign nations concerned in this affair feel that the truth has been kept even from them.

The plot has as many conundrums and false avenues to explore as those that cluttered the JFK assassination and Dealey Plaza in 1963. Men with false passports on the plane, suicidal pilots, missing and questionable radar reports, and falsely reported directional changes of the flight path were not fully explored or wasted time and energy of those seeking answers. Connections to the business empire of the Rothschild family, high tech scientist passengers involved in big money patents, mysterious military bases, and towers as potential targets still remain as possibilities to the solution. Major media interest has grown cold and they no longer cover the disappearance in their abundant and continuing cycles of news coverage. It's as if the disappearance of a commercial airliner with over 200 people on board is no more important than a fender bender that may have happened down the street.

Reality is stranger than fiction, and in this case would make fantastic fodder for a James Bond script. The underlying horror that takes away from the suspense are those lost to their families, and the elusive solution that may allow them to grieve and put this to rest. The 'elephant-in-the-room' questions that beg for resolution can no longer be ignored: What was or is the plan for the plane and who went to all the trouble to make it disappear. Anyone who could produce and direct this mysterious opera must be at a level of power close to that of gravity. The authors have tried to seek out the true pieces to the puzzle, and arrange them to help begin the process of finding the answers. Taking the time to read their work is essential for all including those who may be only slightly interested. As part of this article David Wayne answered some of the relevant questions in the interview he graciously granted to me. The information he and his co-authors have uncovered will leave any thinking person quite alarmed.

The Interview

#1.  Any update on how the families are dealing with this tragedy, and there demand for the truth?

As a result of our book, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sakinab Shah, the sister of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot of Flight 370. She’s a wonderful person, as was her brother, by all accounts. As you can imagine, it’s been very rough to deal with such a tragedy. Their demands for the truth have been unsuccessful. In fact, she was very grateful to see our book, and very helpful.

#2. Were the war games going on as the flight was lost possibly connected to these events?

Possibly, but it’s difficult to obtain any information. There were definitely serious War Games taking place at the time and accidental shoot-downs do sometimes happen. There was also some chatter in intelligence circles that the loss of 370 was related to the concurrent loss of the Malaysia Airlines flight in Ukraine and that both were somehow actually related to the multibillion dollar illegal arms trade.

#3. Can a plane simply be 'lost' the way we are being told with all of the electronic tracking devices involved in something like this?

No. That’s the short answer! There are way too many systems at work, as we detail in the book. Even the backup systems have backup systems. Military radar would have surely picked up the flight if it was still airborne. The "Black boxes" have transmitters that are automatically activated by submersion in water and have an independent power source.  If they can’t find it, it’s either because they don’t want to find it, or it simply isn’t there to be found. Those are the options at this point. Ask yourself this: If they can find you, anywhere, just by your cellphone, is it really conceivable they can’t find a jumbo jet?

#4. Has a plane ever been lost before with no wreckage, or debris field being located?

Never. You will hear on mainstream media that this is not really so unusual. And that’s pure hogwash! We go into great detail in the book about the cases that are often cited as being similar to Flight 370, and guess what? They’re not similar at all! There’s always debris. A Boeing 777 has three million parts and a plane breaks apart upon impact in the open water. “The Miracle on the Hudson,” was a commercial airliner that safely landed on water, but it was under ideal conditions. Flight 370 was over open ocean and dramatically contrary to ideal conditions. There is not one case of a successful open ocean landing of a commercial airliner. It hasn’t happened. As Sir Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airlines said, "in water incidents, where the aircraft has gone down, there is always something." If you’d like to see what a “controlled ditch” at sea looks like, here’s an example of it; it was under good conditions, and it’s not a pretty sight:

#5. Can you tell us about the Petronas Towers, and if they may have been somehow involved in all of this? They’re known as the Twin Towers of Asia and at one time were the tallest buildings in the world. That led to hijack scenario comparisons of 9-11 because, if you think about it in a real-world mentality and in a post 9-11 world, the second that plane went off script and turned back, in the direction of Kuala Lumpur, everybody and their brother must have jumped straight out of their socks in a huge panic. We just never heard about it, but it’s hard to even imagine that not being the case!

#6.  The men with false passports seem to have been cleared of any involvement. How did the photographs of them wind up being doctored?

One thing that’s crystal clear about Flight 370 is that we were never told the truth. When all the pieces we have of the puzzle are put together, that’s the clarity that emerges. As a component of that, it appears that a cover story was being put together; which is logical, right? If something happened that, for whatever reason, you cannot divulge the true facts on, then you need a cover story that you can divulge instead. That’s what seemed to be taking place in a rapid flow of fluid events. And the doctoring of the photos- which the Malaysian Police actually admitted were altered- seemed to be, as I said, a component of that cover story that was fluid and changing. The big public case against those two passengers as the culprits of it all, disappeared right into thin air, just as the case against the pilots did.

#7. What generally goes on at our Diego Garcia base, and how might it play into this story?

Diego Garcia is a secret U.S. military base. It was reportedly a CIA “black site” for extraordinary renditions. Since Flight 370 made an abrupt course change in the general direction of Diego Garcia, some researchers have looked at evidence that it may have been a target of the plane in a hijacking scenario. We go into the evidence in detail in that chapter of the book but, briefly: the Captain of 370 had practiced landing at the runways at Diego Garcia on his flight simulator and deleted the information; there were eyewitness accounts of a “low flying jumbo jet” in the general vicinity of Diego Garcia; a journalist asserted that information from one of the passenger’s cell phones was traced to the GPS location of Diego Garcia; and a retired U.S. Three-Star General concluded that “Someone wanted that airplane. You’re not going to fly into the Indian Ocean to crash it. You’d have crashed it in the Gulf of Thailand if they wanted to do it. Someone wants to use that airplane for something. I don’t believe that this airplane crashed. I do believe it was hijacked. I do believe it landed someplace…But something very nefarious has happened.”

#8. Simon Gunson is an expert that you often refer to.  What is his overall opinion in these matters?

Simon's work is largely accessible online; he's on Facebook. He's spent more time on this issue than anyone I know. To the extent that I can speak for him, his general conclusion was that an onboard fire was strong enough to knock out all the comms/avionics, but allowed the plane's systems to regain control of the plane and continue flying until it finally crashed, shortly after it ran out of fuel. He disagrees vehemently with the official search parameters and thinks they have been looking in the wrong places right from the start. For the book, we looked at all the possibilities and concluded that was one of them. It had to be some type of a catastrophic event because it only takes two seconds for one of the two pilots to declare an emergency, or to hit “IDENT” (which lights up their location for Air Traffic Control), or to enter the secret Hijack code.Here’s a blurb from the book: “To put it as simply as possible: Only a catastrophic event could cause the simultaneous global failure of all safety and emergency systems plus back-up fail-safe emergency systems, on board and in communication and tracking with, a Boeing 777. Many types of catastrophic events can be ruled out.

Those that remain possible are:

•  Massive Fire (only partly plausible because there still should have been time to declare an emergency)

•  Missile Shoot-Down (accidental or intentional, with surreptitious debris retrieval)

•  Hijacking/Advanced Technologies (such as a “cloaking technique” of electronic warfare)

#9. The information on former astronaut Clark McClelland is somewhat of an incredible read, and worth the price of admission for those interested in UFO's.  Can you tell us a bit about him, and his allegations?

It’s very interesting because I only tackled that research for the book- I had never been a “believer” in aliens, etc. But when you look at some of the things we go over in that chapter, and the conclusions of people who’ve studied the evidence, it’s hard not to be impressed. As we say in the book: “In addition to former Senator Barry Goldwater, and many astronauts, a lot of other very high-profile people are also believers— in fact, the list will surprise you: President Richard Nixon, President Ronald Reagan, President Jimmy Carter, Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, General Douglas MacArthur, and Professor Stephen Hawking. The government of Chile apparently agrees with them.” Clark McClelland states that he was with NASA for a number of years and clearly observed alien beings. His credibility has been challenged, but then, that’s a logical thing to expect, isn’t it?

#10. Is it possible at this date in time for such a large aircraft to be flown from the ground?

Yes it is. In fact, as we document categorically in the book, it’s been possible for a long time. The U.S. military has even demonstrated it, so it shouldn’t even really be a question, at this point. Those “in the know,” know that it’s quite achievable. And that’s why some high-tech security experts whom we cite in the book have concluded that this might actually be the first documented cyberjacking. That, in turn, also implies more reasons for the possible need of a cover story.

#11.  Can you tell us about the scientists on board, and the technology they seem to have been affiliated with?

We covered all the possible explanations, so that was one that we had to look at closely. Investigators look for anomalies, for clues, so this was a point of focus. A US technology company called Freescale Semiconductor had twenty senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The company had just “launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.” At first, that sounds like a bit of “reach,” but that microchip invented by Freescale really does appear to be a big deal in the world of military technology. “In a detailed report from Malaysia Chronicle dated April 8, it said that Freescale launched what could be the world’s smallest microcontroller in Feb 2013, it is called the Kinesis KL02.” It gets complicated insofar as patent survivability, the Blackstone Group and the Rothschilds, so you have to look at that chapter of the book to see it all, but it is an interesting theory.

#12. Can we hope for deeper answers in these matters anytime in the near future?

We can hope. But The Powers That Be seem to be a lot more comfortable with just closing the door and moving on with whatever their plans are in the whole geopolitical chess game. We get glimpses of the truth, but rarely the whole story in relation to what’s really transpiring. “Full disclosure” seems to come farther up the road, years later, if at all.

And you’re very welcome, Bob. Those were excellent questions and I’m glad you enjoyed our book. You’re right too- it was a difficult subject to tackle!



David Wayne

Richard Belzer

George Noory

Note: In light of the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Air Flight 370 the December 16, 2014 Bulletin from the Transportation Security Administration warning of 'catastrophic damage and death to every person on board' appears to be most vital to the security of all commercial air travel throughout the world. To DOWNLOAD the PDF file of the TSA Bulletin CLICK HERE.

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