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February 1, 2006
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Note: Each year on April 4 my mind can't help but remember the disturbing facts of the corrupted case against James Earl Ray. Below the line is a transcript of an interview by CBS Newsman, Bill Stout and MLK killing witness Charlie Stevens. It's self explanatory.
Charlie Stephens was interviewed on April 18, 1968, by CBS news correspondent, Bill Stout, and was shown a picture of James Earl Ray. Here is the denial that the shooter was Ray in the witnesses own words.
STOUT: Mr. Stephens, what do you think of that picture? Does that look like the man? STEPHENS: Well--[clears throat]--Excuse me, from the glimpse that I that I got of his profile, it doesn't. STOUT: It Doesn't? STEPHENS: Certainly, no sir, it certainly doesn't. For one thing, he's too heavy. His face is too full. He has too much hair, and his nose is too wide, from the glimpse that, as I said, that I got of his profile. But that definitely, I would say, is not the the guy.
End of Stout/Stephens interview transcript...

Photo of Gary at work behind the walls of Brushy Mountain Prison

The Final Report can be read at:


On March 22nd, 1977 I was commissioned by Chief Counsel Richard Sprague of the House Select Committee on Assassinations to investigate the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I was known publicly only as an unemployed songwriter living in Nashville, Tennessee and it was this cover that I worked under throughout 1977. Early in 1978 I was told that the HSCA was under-funded and I would not be reimbursed for my expenses as was committed to earlier by the HSCA. When talk began in 1987 of a reinvestigation of the MLK assassination I contacted the Department of Justice, reminded them of my commissioned status and asked what I could do to help. Subsequently I worked with Barry Kowalski and other officials and agents of our Federal government in the late 1990's to continue my investigation of Martin Luther King Jr. assassination including the entire matter of the JFK, RFK assassinations: et al.

Still I haven't been reimbursed nor paid a dime for my work nor have I been decommissioned.


Because of the very public nature of the investigations of the assassinations of Martin Luther King JR., President John F. Kennedy and Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy: The recent (January 21, 2006) discovery that in 1979 my cover had been blown by a book published by the US Government Printing Office identifying and naming me as the one and the only Special Investigator commissioned to investigate the assassination(s) I do the following. I publicly confirm and acknowledge the fact that I was, am and will continue to be the Special Investigator named and identified by the United States Government as the one investigating the Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination, et al. I will further continue to be and do the same until such time as I am reimbursed and/or paid my expenses and officially decommissioned by the US House of Representatives or provided similar relief by the Executive Branch of the US Government.

Leutrell Osborne, former CIA Case Officer, has joined in this investigation. Leutrell has also written a yet to be published book entitled Black Man In The CIA.
Update: BLACK MAN IN THE CIA has been published and is available from Jongleur Music Book Publishing.


Until such time as indicated in NOW I am inviting any government, corporation, association, company, person, individual or otherwise who has or thinks they may have evidence, facts, information, or thinks they may know anything related to the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, John Lennon or the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan and/or has any personal knowledge or information about assassinations, murders, unusual deaths or suicides related to the matter at hand (This would include the cover-up of the matter(s) and interference in the investigation where anyone knowingly and willingly conspired with others to hide, distort or otherwise change facts in the case to prevent the truth of the case(s) from being known); I ask you and any such entity/entities to bring such to me at your first convenient time.
The Final Report can be read at:


Patrick Wood brings the hidden details of the 1977 Gary Revel investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR. to light. He is writing and publishing "ZORRO: THE UNVEILING OF THE PLOT TO KILL MLK" in chapters in a way that brings to life the intimacy of Gary's dangerous quest of finding the truth and more. To begin your own personal journey Click Here to Read.

MLK-They Slew the Dreamer Presentation

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Gary Revel found links to those responsible for the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon and the attempted killing of President Ronald Reagan.

The lies and deceit in this phone conversation between 2 supposedly 'honorable men' are overwhelming. President Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI Director-J. Edgar Hoover conspire to keep the world in the dark as they have an ego pumping session shortly after JFK's killing. CLICK HERE To hear the entire, disturbing, and incredible private conversation. If the link doesn't work you can copy and paste this URL into your Web Browser address box.


Investigative Notes on the Nicole Simpson Murder by OJ Simpson

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