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The Deadly Business of a King's Murder

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February 28, 2006
Update: May 30, 2014
Temple, Texas

Leutrell "Mike" Osborne, 26 year veteran CIA Case Officer and Counter Intelligence expert like many African-Americans is somewhat familiar with the now deceased Director of Domestic Intelligence for the FBI, William Sullivan. Most of those who know of him also know that he was killed a week before he was to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977. What can be learned of his career comes from his autobiography (that was completed and published after his untimely death), FBI files, news articles, and press accounts. One thing that rises out of the fog is that Mr. Sullivan directed the 'Destroy King Squad' This was a Covert Action Intelligence Operation whose mission was to destroy the effectiveness of Martin Luther King Jr. If assassination was an authorized tool in their tool-belt then they surely completed their assignment. This squad was part of a larger operation acronymed COINTEL PRO for Counter Intelligence Program.

Mr. Osborne's knowledge of Bill Sullivan's operations goes far beyond what most know because of his special opportunities to learn of such things as a CIA Case Officer. Even with this special insight still Leutrell has been asking others for more information. One of those he asked was Gary Revel, a special investigator who investigated the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. Gary had met William Sullivan in 1977 during his investigation of MLK's murder and saw a different side of the man than most. Like the little known fact that William Sullivan became sickened with the FBI's abuse of the basic human rights of others and challenged J. Edgar Hoover the day before he was locked out of his office in 1972. Shortly after that he resigned. Gary remembers that Sullivan had challenged J. Edgar and said 'either you go or I go' and subsequently Sullivan left.

Another important detail of William Sullivan's life is that a few months before he was to testify before the HSCA he met at least one person, and most likely others, providing information and files that would be the basis of a real investigation designed to find the real killers of King. This also happened in 1977 and because of the government's tampering and interfering with the evidence in the case it is likely that the evidence is lost and will never surface again. Special Investigator Gary Revel's home was ransacked once and then during an eviction all his files on the King case disappeared. William Sullivan's goal was to testify before the public HSCA hearings and lay his cards on the table so to speak. He was going to give the committee and the American people the truth about J. Edgar Hoover's hatred of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as his hatred for President John Kennedy and Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy. Sullivan's knowledge of how the FBI worked with the CIA when it came to J. Edgar driven plans to neutralize the human rights activities of African-American leaders and their supporters was unique. This knowledge and the evidence he was prepared to present would have given the HSCA the direction it needed to truly uncover and prosecute the perpetrators of the JFK and MLK assassinations. It is no wonder that those who had the most to lose if the truth came out were not unhappy to hear of his 'accidental murder' The official record says that Robert Daniels mistook William Sullivan for a deer while deer hunting and shot and killed him before Bill could make his revelations public.


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Mr. Revel says, "I am still trying to unravel the bizarre happenings of that year. My brother, my cousin's husband, Ivan Riley, as well as William Sullivan and 5 other FBI or former FBI officials who could have been valuable to my investigation died mysteriously or were simply killed during 1977. Sullivan and the other 5 were scheduled to testify before the committee. Donald Kaylor was a fingerprint expert who had worked on the JFK assassintion evidence. Alan Belmont and Louis Nicholas were both special assistants to J. Edgar Hoover. JFK assassination document examiner and expert James Cadigan was another. J.M. English, an expert on the rifle that supposedly killed President John F. Kennedy and was head of the FBI Forensic Sciences Laboratory was also terminated. Those who travel to a place beyond reason and continue to try to defend the official stories of lone assassins and thorough investigations simply haven't gotten it yet. When there are so many coincidences any reasonable person will just know that something is amiss. The 'Lone Gunman Theory' is just that, a theory. Neither James Earl Ray nor Lee Harvey Oswald were ever tried and convicted for the assassinations and Sirhan Sirhan was clearly railroaded with a 'Kangaroo Court' and with the deck stacked against him."


Mr. Osborne, who recently associated with the Gary Revel Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Investigation is looking further into the William Sullivan, Donald Kaylor, etc. quaqmire. He also is interested in the whereabouts of E. Howard Hunt on April 4, 1968. That was the day that an artist's drawing of a man coming out of the bathroom, from which the shot that killed MLK was possibly fired, resembled Hunt. E. Howard Hunt or a remarkable look-alike was in the Dealy Plaza in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. He was also a member of the Watergate Burglars. Special Agents that work in special operations for Presidents and such may well end up doing a number of jobs that are similar because they are very good at doing them. Is it possible that Hunt was in Dallas and then in Memphis to protect the target rather than participate in their demise. If that was the case then he didn't succeed at his assignment these times.


CBS Reporter Bill Stout's interview of the prosecution's only eye-witness putting James Earl Ray at the scene when the shooting of MLK took place is another note-worthy case buster. Charles Stephens was the witness and the prosecution had said that he identified James Earl Ray as the shooter. That identification was based on Charles Stephens supposedly seeing James Earl Ray leave the bathroom shortly after the shot was fired. Bill Stout showed Charles a picture of James Earl Ray and asked if Ray was the man he had seen leaving the bathroom. Stephens said no, James Earl Ray wasn't the man. This is in a CBS news recorded interview.


At sometime around 5:30 PM on April 4th, 1968 Grocer John McFerren had heard Carlos Marcello's Mafia Associate Frank Liberto say, 'Just shoot the son-of-a-bitch when he comes out on the balcony'. It's clear now that Liberto was talking to someone who was preparing for the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. A 30:06 Remington rifle found on the sidewalk in the vicinity of the crime was touted by the FBI as the murder weapon that belonged to James Earl Ray. To this day, after numerous attempts with various experts in the field including the FBI's own, the bullet that killed Martin Luther King Jr. has not been matched to that rifle. These and many other glaring problems in the case against James Earl Ray has former CIA Case Officer Leutrell Osborne and many others including United States Government Legislators starting to ask questions. So much so that one Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney has submitted a bill to the House Reform Committee to re-open the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination case. Representative McKinney comes from the 4th District of Georgia and is known for her tenacity and courage. She will need both and the support of all Americans who want to know the truth about Martin Luther King's murder if this bill even gets out of the House Reform Committee. One thing that history tells us about this entire matter is that it is a deadly business. Without an outcry from the American people it will be deadly again and Cynthia McKinney's bill will die in the House Reform Committee.

Update: Cynthia McKinney is no longer in Congress and her bill did not pass into law.

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Gary Revel is a Special Investigator of the assassination of Martin Luther King JR. whose work on that case led him to find links to those responsible for the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK.

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