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January 15, 2014
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Most people don't know that James Earl Ray never had a trial.

The escape of James Earl Ray from the Missour State Prison in Springfield, Missouri on April 23, 1967 was paid for by J. Edgar Hoover. $25,000.00 was delivered to Warden Swenson by Hoover's aid Clyde Tolson through Dixie Mafia soldier Russell Adkins. The strategy to give James Ray time to get away without recapture included the plan of the Warden to tell prison staff that James was still on prison grounds hiding somewhere. He then had prison staff and inmates search for James within the prison walls for two days before taking the search to the outside. Then as a ploy to help find James Warden Swenson later released 3 contact names and addresses, 2 of which were bogus, and the other was for his brother, Jerry Ray. Jerry Ray was the last person anyone would expect to provide any help whatsoever in knowing anything about his brother's whereabouts, at least not that he'd say anyway. Swenson also released a false set of fingerprints to police and federal authorities after James Earl Ray's escape. That tactic gave Mr. Ray time to get to where he was going without fear of being discovered as being an escaped prisoner. The false fingerprints were not discovered by authorities until 2 weeks after the escape, which gave Mr. Ray plenty of time to make arrangements for safe passage to where he needed to go. investigator Gary Revel, Warden Swenson had the prison staff and inmates search for Ray within the prison walls for two days before even taking the search beyond the walls, a decision based upon his belief that Ray was still hiding inside (as he stated in the news article above). This delaying tactic would provide ample time for Ray to get far away from Jefferson City, Missouri. Additionally, Mr. Revel revealed more about this point to me in an email message: James Earl Ray's escape Ray escaped on April 23, 1967 was paid for by J. Edgar Hoover in that he sent $25,000.00 to the warden of Missouri State Prison-Springfield Prison in 1967. The money was delivered by FBI's Clyde Tolson to Dixie Mafia soldier Russell Adkins Sr. James Earl Ray did not know the details of this arrangement until years later.According to four-decade MLK Jr. James Earl Ray told me that after he got to prison he was finally able to sleep that night for the first time since he was arrested in London, England. On awakening the next morning he realized how he'd been railroaded into sitting there in a confused and dazed state while being convicted of a crime he did not commit. He began to consider his options, one of which was to write the Judge a letter. He began working on the letter to the Shelby County Judge, Preston Battle that morning and by the next day thought he should mail it, and he did.

After a couple of weeks, when he got no reply, he realized that something was wrong and he wrote another. In this one he made it clear that he was making a legal argument to the court that he did not agree that he had pled guilty and did not accept the sentence. In the letter he said;
'I would respectfully request this court to treat this letter as a legal notice of an intent to ask for a reversal of the 99-year sentence.'

And in fact the construct of the letter was such that it should have been accepted by the court as a legal motion to 'quash' the conviction and or in the very least grant him a jury trial allowing a plea of 'not guilty'.

Judge Battle received the letter, read it and placed on top of other letters and filings under consideration. His wife said that the next morning he'd went to his office planning to take up the James Earl Ray matter again. In a few hours the judge was found slumped over his desk with the letter still in his hand, dead of a 'heart attack'.

At that time there was a Tennesse State law which required the court to grant any defendant a new trial should a judge die when a motion by that defendant was under consideration by that judge. This was automatic and no legal precedent had been made to void the law. In James' case it didn't matter. Tennessee courts did not have to obey there own laws in his case-another judge took over and refused James a trial.

The last time the Tennessee Courts made such an embarrassing blunder was in 1997. James Earl Ray attorneys Mark Lane and Andrew Hall filed a petition for James to be released on bond because he had not had a trial, even after James made a motion to the court to withdraw his guilty plea and the judge died. The lawyers pointed out that Mr. Ray had not been accorded the legal requirement according to the laws of the State of Tennessee to be granted a trial in that event. Once again the Tennessee Courts made a mockery of justice and ruled against James' attorneys.

Ray had sought relief in the courts over 30 times during his incarceration for the King killing. Prosecutor John Campbell was the primary defender of the State's position during most of these failed cries for justice. The fact that James didn't even plead guilty to the crime he was serving time for made no difference to the courts. Campbell's primary argument was that James had waived his right to a trial by pleading guilty. Like Campbell the courts language was that James had 'knowingly and intelligently pleaded guilty' and waived any right to a trial.

If you have studied the James Earl Ray Guilty Plea in this investigative brief you may have, like most everyone who can read, found that in fact James Earl Ray did not 'knowingly and intelligently plead guilty'. This would make a difference in a court of law that was in the business of delivering justice for the American people, but no, not the courts of Tennessee. He was not given justice in his testimony before the (HSCA) House of Representative's Select Committee on Assassinations either.

In 1977 I was present when James requested the House Select Committee on Assassination seek the release of all CIA, FBI and other investigative and intelligence files related to the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. We were then told by Chief Counsel Richard Sprague that he too wanted all files to be released to the HSCA so that the investigation could proceed to identify all those that were involved in the King matter and also the JFK assassination. This meeting was inside the walls of Brushy Mountain Prison on March 22, 1977. Chief Counsel Sprague returned to Washington and within about a week was fired. He was replaced by G. Robert Blakey. Requests for intelligence files that could have shed light on the truth about the conspiracy to kill MLK and JFK were limited after that.

Gary Revel
"One little truth is more powerful than all the lies in the world." Yes, I said that.

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Gary Revel found links to those responsible for the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon and the attempted killing of President Ronald Reagan.

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